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A modular, cross-platform music editor for low-level sound drivers.

about bintracker

Bintracker is a free, open source, modular, cross-platform music editor for low-level sound drivers, and a visual front-end for the Music Data Abstraction Language (MDAL). It is released under a 3-clause BSD license.

bintracker main window

Currently, bintracker supports a number of modern 1-bit (beeper) music drivers for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K home computer, including betaphase, PhaserX, PhaseSqueek, and Pytha. Additional drivers can easily be added via the MDAL configuration plug-in system.

Bintracker is written in modern C++. It uses Allegro5 for graphics display and sound driver abstraction, libmdal for parsing MDAL modules, and pugixml for parsing MDAL configurations.

Bintracker is confirmed to run on Windows and Linux. It should also be possible to build it on MacOS, though this is untested.


Source, win32 executable, and documentation are available on the github release page.



A small but friendly community of bintracker/MDAL users and low-level music enthousiasts can be found at the 1-bit Forum.

future plans

In the future, bintracker aims to support many more low-level sound drivers (through an upgraded MDAL standard), as well as supporting platforms other than the ZX Spectrum. Immediate next steps for the upcoming releases include: